Welcome to the temporary Chris K Music Lesson Studio Website!

We are currently undergoing renovations to our previous website and hope to get it online soon!  For now here is more information about music lessons at Chris K Music!

Music Lessons –  Chris K is the most sought out vocal and multi-instrumental music instructor in Central Illinois.  With his passion, experience, and hands on teaching style, students of all abilities and ages can learn about music at their own pace.    Many families have found a musical home at Chris K Music over the past decade,  and many successful musicians (Theater Performers, Band Directors, Praise Band Members or Leaders, Touring Musicians etc.) also started out with Chris K’s music lesson program.   Most Ages (usually 5 on up), Beginners,  and also novice and experienced musicians have a place here at Chris K Music.

Benefits of Taking Music Lessons at Chris K Music

  • Appreciation for Vocal and Instrumental Music:     Explore different instruments or learn something new! Many students become multi-instrumentalists or vocalists through exposure to different musical instruments
  • Explore different Styles of Music:  Jazz, Rock, Pop, Christian, Gospel and more!
  • Learn Important Music Skills:   Music Reading, Aural Training (listening), Writing and Soloing
  • Become a Functional Musician:  Learn to become a valued member of a School Jazz/Marching/Concert Band,  Praise Band,  Cover Band, College Ensemble and more.
  • One Music Instructor for the whole family:  Everyone in the family can take music lessons without having to find odd times or wait for different instructors.  Students also don’t have to switch teachers if they decide to change instruments!
  • Flexible Schedule:  Chris K’s teaching schedule changes quite frequently to accommodate for sports and different seasons of activities.  We have home school students and interested college/adult students in the day,  school and out of town students at night, and sports and interested adult students in the late night.  Make-up lessons also offered depending on scheduling and availability.
  • Many Instruments Offered: Flute, Guitar, Drums, Piano, you name it.  Please look at Chris K’s extensive list of voice and instrumental music lessons offered.
  • Performances:  Check out one of our many recitals and student performances (new calendar coming soon).

Here are a few reviews of Chris K Music’s Lesson Program

“Our son has been taking drum lessons from Chris since he was 5. By age 10 he was the lead drummer for our church band. Chris has gone above and beyond for our son many times, from setting up a drum kit in our home to challenging him to write music and play pieces he never thought he could play. Chris is a kind, caring instructor that is excellent at helping kids discover and develop their musical talents.”   – Shad Huddleston

“My kids took guitar lessons from Chris and really enjoyed the lessons. He would work with them at their own pace and I appreciated that very much. We also enjoyed his optional praise nights which gives students a chance to practice what they have learned in front of others. Thank you!!!”  -Ashley Oliver

“My kids have been coming here for at least a year! My 10 year old plays the Piano and my 8 year old plays the guitar! My kids love him and I think it’s worth every penny!!! And I’m pretty picky,  I can’t wait for my almost 4 year old starts:)”  – Tasha Nicole

“Can’t say enough about Chris! He has helped greatly with both our sons on drumming and is extremely flexible with busy schedules!!” – Lissa Kuethe Scocy

“Led by a great man of God. He strives to help students grow musically. Unlike many places, he provides them a mentor as well. He gives up much of his time to be the students’ friend as well as teacher. He became my friend when he was teaching me and remains my friend today.”  – MJ Brand

“Mr. Keniley is an amazing man of God. He was the one who helped me discover my passion for worshiping through music. Without him, I don’t think I would ever have the ability to lead worship at my church. He is a great teacher and mentor! He will work with you and at a pace that works best for you. I would highly recommend him to anyone!”   – Jackie Boyd