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More Instruments Added to Store!

The list keeps growing as I find time to refurbish instruments! Current selection includes: Custom Blessing Flute Custom Artley Flute Yamaha YHR 313 Single French Horn Bach TR300 Trumpet Custom[…]

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October 15, 2020 0

Music Lesson spots available and Lower Rates Available for Band, Choir and Orchestra Students!

Music Spots available for October! Come and join Central Illinois most sought after music instructor! Special rates available for Band, Choir and Orchestra students! Special rates also available for more[…]

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September 22, 2020 0

School Band Instruments are currently available at Chris K Music Store!

School Band Instruments are currently available for sale and rent at the  Chris K Music Studio in Mattoon! Price varies on models and condition. All instruments are refurbished and ready[…]

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September 22, 2020 0

Chris K Music Lesson Program

Chris K offers a variety of music lessons at his music studio located in Mattoon, Illinois and also online via Skype, Facebook Messenger, Facetime or similar apps.  Families and Students from all over Central Illinois (and now globally)  studies with the most sought after music instructor in Central Illinois.  Chris K’s music program aims to equip students not only to be able to appreciate and play music at home, but also equips students to perform in any musical situation.  This includes students in worship bands, school concert bands, orchestras, choirs,  cover bands and more. 

Visit our music lesson section to learn about music lessons including all the instruments taught at Chris K Music.

Click here to Learn more about music lessons at Chris K Music

Instrument Repair and Piano Tuning

Instrument Repair at Chris K Music is another service offered to help students, musicians, and school bands throughout  Central Illinois.  Chris K can also repair instruments on-site!

Chris K’s repair service is quick,  thorough, and affordable.  Every instrument is tested to ensure it is returned in great playing condition.

Services are quoted for each instrument/situation depending on repair and supplies needed.  Repairs may includes re-string and guitar adjustments,  piano tuning and key repair,  wood wind pad replacement and alignment,  brass cleaning and valve repair,  and the list goes on.

We also offer sound equipment assistance,  Piano Tuning and Repair,  Electronic Keyboard Repair (new!)  Drumset Repair (including Electric) and more.  Please contact Chris K Music for more information on instrument repairs.

Marching Band and School Services

We offer a variety of services to assist interested concert bands,  choir, string ensemble, marching band, jazz, pep, and indoor guard and drumline!

Services we offer at Chris K Music include:

Music Arranging and Composition (any ensemble)

Marching Band, Indoor Guard and Drum Drill, Theme, and Visual Design

Custom and Original Field Shows for Marching Band and Indoor Activities.

Instrument Repair (on-site), Music Lessons, Clinics and more.


Music Ministry Services

We currently offer different ministry services throughout the year including:

Worship Leading for Sunday Services and Special Events

Worship Leader and Musician Training for Praise Bands and Worship Ensembles. (All Ages)

Clinic’s and Workshops for Praise Bands

Sound System Guidance and Training

Ministry Training for Musicians and Worship Studies

Quest Speaking on various topics including value of music in church, how to embrace worship and more.

Music Lessons currently offered at Chris K Music

Piano Lessons

Keyboard Lessons

Synthesizer Lessons

Voice Lessons

Singing Lessons

Drum Set Lessons

Percussion Lessons

             -Timpani, Snare Drum , Marimba, Bells, Xylophone and Vibes, Crash Cymbals

              – Auxilary Percussion (triangle, tambourine, castents etc.)

               – Djembe, Cajon,  Bongos, Congas and more!

Acoustic and Electric Guitar Lessons

Bass Guitar Lessons

Ukulele Lessons

Mandolin Lessons

Banjo Lessons

Violin Lessons

Viola Lessons

Cello Lessons

Doublebass Lessons

Trumpet Lessons

French Horn Lessons

Baritone Lessons

Euphonium Lessons

Tuba Lessons

Trombone Lessons

Flute Lessons

Clarinet Lessons

Alto Saxaphone Lessons

Tenor Saxophone Lessons

Baritone Saxophone Lessons

Sound System Lessons

Music Recording Lessons

Music Composition Lessons

Music Reading Lessons

Aural Training Lessons

Improvisation Lessons

Band and Praise Team Lessons

and more.

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