Instrument Repair Services

Story of Chris K’s instrument repair services:

(Note:  Chris K has extensive knowledge and training to repair musical instruments from college/online institutions and lessons on repair)

A year ago Chris K noticed the need for instrument repair in Central Illinois.   Students that sent instruments off for repair took several months, schools that needed basic repairs were taking a long time to return,  and students were getting charged a shocking amount for basic repairs.   Through guidance and prayer,  Chris K decided to help students and schools with much needed repairs that were originally not affordable or would have needed to wait.

Since Teaching is the primary service of Chris K Music,  instrument repair is available at very affordable prices.   We take repair seriously, and try to be very prompt in getting instruments back to students, musicians, families and schools.

We are currently working on prices for repairs so stay tuned!

We service:

  • Pianos (including tuning)
  • Drumset (including Tuning)
  • Guitars and Bass (including tuning)
  • Brass Instruments
  • Wood Wind Instruments
  • Stringed Instruments

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