Chris K Music Programs in Central Illinois

Music Lessons, Repairs and Band Services

Throughout the years I have provided various programs through Central Illinois. These are the current programs currently offered through Chris K Music or sponsored/endorsed by Chris K Music.

Legacy Performing Arts of Central Illinois

Legacy (also known as Legacy Regiment) started as community music ensemble in March 2021 and evolved into a showband featuring instruments and musicians of all ages and abilities from all over Central Illinois. The Legacy Showband has a full rhythm section (piano, synth, bass, guitar, drums etc.), full drumline (3 snares, 2 multi-tenors (quints) and 4 bass drums), a string section, wood wind section and brass section. Legacy currently operates as a Summer ensemble, using the Spring months to prepare popular music and soundtracks.

Musicians of all ages and abilities are welcome to participate. Last years ensemble (Summer 2021) consisted of 51 musicians throughout the season and different shows.

In 2022 Legacy Performing Arts of Central Illinois will start seeing some changes, including a summer marching ensemble called Legacy Regiment, Legacy Show Band (all instruments/abilities), Adult Combo, and Show Choir (Middle School to High School)

Central Illinois Home School Band Program

Currently known as the Central Illinois Home School Wood Wind and Brass Class. This ensemble is for home school students ages 7 through 18 and welcomes beginner and advanced players. The class meets on Friday’s 12:30pm to 1:30 pm at the Broadway Christian Church in Mattoon, IL. Home school students must register to participate.

Our current beginner ensemble consists of over 30 young musicians from all over Central Illinois. A wood wind or brass instrument is required to participate. The goal is to have two groups, one beginner and one advanced in the future. In time we will add a percussion and string component but for now limited to wood wind and brass instruments. Performance opportunities will also be available throughout the year. This new band program operates during the fall/winter/spring moves similar to a standard school year.


A new drum program starting in 2022 for drummers and percussionist from all over Central Illinois that focuses on technique, speed, rudiments and overall drumming “Chops”. Each session will focus on all corps rudiments including Single Stroke Rolls, Double Stroke Rolls, Paradiddles, Flams and more. This is the perfect class for any drummer or school percussionist interested in taking their hands to the next level. Marching assistance also provided.

This program will require sticks and practice pad. Cost of this new program will be determined in the future along with location and duration. Stay tuned!