More about Instrument Repair at Chris K Music Lessons and Repair Studio.

Chris K Music is there for all your repair needs.

With a growing need for instrument repair in the Mattoon/Charleston IL area, Chris K Music added instrument repair as a full time service in 2012. Since then, students, musicians, churches and families have been trusting Chris K Music with all their instrument repair needs.

We also offer onsite repairs for schools, churches and families with large instruments (piano, drums, heavy keyboards etc.). So if you have a trumpet that needs to be welded, a drum that needs tuned, a guitar that is cracked or a flute that needs new pads, Chris K Music Lessons and Repair Studio is there for you!

How does repair services work at Chris K Music?

Contact Chris K Music to set up a drop off or make an appointment. Small repairs (string changes, wood wind pad leaks, sticky trumpet valves etc.) usually takes 1-2 days depending on repair. Some repairs depending on drop off may be finished before the end of day or in a few hours after drop off!

Refurbishing instruments usually take a week or more depending on parts and type of refurbishment. I don’t have any extra instruments or loaner instruments (that’s why I jump on top of repairs right away!) Depending on drop off repairs could be made in the same day!

What makes repairs at Chris K Music stand out?

  • Over 25 years playing experience on multiple instruments.
    • With being an active musician and educator, I know how these instruments are suppose to feel and sound! I work on individual repairs till I’m satisfied by the playability and quality.
  • Trusted by band directors from the area including Mattoon, Charleston, Arcola, Tuscola and more.
  • Hi quality repairs for a low cost.
    • My repairs are budget friendly and affordable. Different options are explored to get your instrument back into playing condition. You don’t have to pay $200.00 or more for a clarinet re-pad or to get the bell of your trumpet straightened out. Basic repairs at Chris K Music range from $65.00 to $80.00 depending on the type of instrument. Re-pads and more intense repairs could range from $100.00 – $160.00 or more.
  • Music Lesson Students receive special repair rates!
  • Over a thousand instruments serviced since 2012!
  • Custom Pads for Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone instruments!
    • Custom pads are made right here at the Chris K Music Studio. These pads have been tested by area band directors, students and active musicians. These pads are tear resistant, and more resistant to mold and other issues.

What services are available for repairs?

These are some examples of what repair services are offered at Chris K Music.