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Music Lessons and Repairs

Many percussionists at the MMS and MHS take private lessons to further their percussion skills and work toward playing in drumlines including the Legacy Regiment Drumline based in Mattoon, Colleges such as EIU, ISU, U of I, SIUC, MSU, Indiana State, Notre Dame etc, Drumcorps and more. At the MMS and MHS levels we stress technique, sound control, hard work and music reading to achieve a high level of excellence that the drumlines are known for. If your interested in music lessons please fill out the contact info on this website (spots are limited).

Drumline Cadences

Drumline Exercises and Technique

Extra Videos to help Practice!

15 videos from 2020 that talk about technique at MMS (and MHS) and helpful exercises. Click the playlist button on the upper right corner for all 15 videos.

MORE PRACTICE EXERCISES – 40 essential Rudiments

This site has all the essential rudiments for Percussionist including play along tracks. Most High School percussionist can play ALL OF THESE at a Diamond level or beyond.