Piano Tuning

Music Lessons and Repairs

My Piano Tuning Story

Along with my Music Lesson Program and Instrument Repairs, I started adding piano tuning to my available services back in 2011 when I started getting more requests for piano tuning. I asked a simple question…where are all the piano tuners? Luckily piano tuning is a skill I learned back in college and used this skill frequently (and often) to tune piano’s I played on! Since then I have tuned several pianos (hundreds) and honed my craft to be a very skillful (and precise) piano tuner.

Why Choose Chris K Music for Piano Tuning?

The biggest difference, in my opinion, is that I’m a performer and private music teacher full time. The experience I have cultivated teaching and performing has expanded my understanding of what pianos are suppose to sound like. Each piano, whether its a spinet, upright, grand, half grand, even electronic, has its own character, sound, and feel. I use my ear mainly to tune pianos and seldom use electronic tuners. My approach is that if it sounds and feels good to me, then its going to be the same for you!

Who can get their piano tuned?

Churches, Schools, Nursing Homes, Individual Homes, Condos , Houses of Worship to name a few. I travel within 30 mile radius of Mattoon, IL for free, and further I add a travel charge which varies with location.

What type of services do you offer with Piano Tuning and Restoration?

  • Services include:
    • Basic Tuning (most popular)
    • Key repair (sticky or non-responsive keys)
    • key replacement (white and black keys)
    • Pitch raising (not as common and usually not recommended)
    • Cabinet repair or restoration
    • adjusting action or key regulating (how keys play, uneven keys)

How Much Does Piano Tuning Cost?

Standard tuning starts at $100.00 per piano and includes basic repairs, pitch raise, sticky or non-responsive key repair and more. Larger or more time consuming repairs including cabinet restoration, string replacement and the like may be quoted.