Music Lessons and Repairs

Chris is a wonderful teacher and a kind and compassionate person. We’ve been taking lessons from Chris for many years!! Highly Recommend!

Lea Northam
Parent, Mattoon IL

“Chris is an amazing teacher of music. He is also a great roll model of a Godly man. Chris has been a great influence on my son. He has taught him a lot about drumming and has boosted his self esteem. Chris has very flexible hours for taking lessons. “

Melissa Caywood
PARENT, Mattoon IL

“Chris was instrumental in developing our son Blake with a well rounded drummer skill set. At a young age he was capable of being utilized by our worship pastor and was able to be flexible enough to learn to play with a metronome. Chris, we can’t thank you enough!!”

Carolyn Yoder

“Chris has the bases covered- no matter the learning level, no matter the musical style, no matter the student’s learning style- flexibility to tailor-make music come alive is Chris’ forte. “

Brent Budd

Our son has been taking drum lessons from Chris since he was 5. By age 10 he was the lead drummer for our church band. Chris has gone above and beyond for our son many times, from setting up a drum kit in our home to challenging him to write music and play pieces he never thought he could play. Chris is a kind, caring instructor that is excellent at helping kids discover and develop their musical talents.

Shad Huddleston
PARENT, Mattoon IL

“Easy to work with and my son has improved so much in his saxophone skills.”

Kevin Cook
Parent, Mattoon IL

“My kids have been coming here for at least a year! My 10 year old plays the Piano and my 8 year old plays the guitar! My kids love him and I think it’s worth every penny!!! And I’m pretty picky .  I can’t wait for my almost 4 year old starts:) “

Tasha Howell
PARENT, Charleston IL

“Chris is a great music teacher! He’s patient and able to connect with students on their individual levels; he’s done a great job with my daughter! I definitely recommend him!”

Sara Kuhns

“My daughter has been taking lessons with Chris for 5 years now. He’s patient and my daughter likes that if she’s not understanding something he takes the time to make sure she does. He also pushes to continue to grow, and has helped her be more confident in her abilities as a musician. He’s affordable and his love for music and teaching come through in everything he does.”

Jasmine Ballard
 PARENT, Mattoon IL

My kids started lessons a month ago. They both have already learned so much and are excited to practice and show everyone what they have learned. Chris does well explaining the same concept multiple different ways so kids with different learning styles can succeed. He has made learning the guitar and piano thrilling for my kids. I would recommend him to anyone.

Brandy Moore PrIce

My oldest Son has been taking lessons from Chris for a hear and a half. During his time with Chris he has gained so much confidence in his craft. My son plays percussion and Chris encourages him with every lesson to work harder and expand his skill. He not only teaches my son snare, but also keeps his skills sharp with his bells. Recently he allowed us to change up our routine and introduced the drum set into his lessons, which my preteen very much enjoys. We love Chris so much that when my middle son (almost 9) wanted a guitar for Christmas we knew just who to call for lessons.

Alex Boyer (Snowden)
PARENT, Mattoon IL

“Charlie loves taking lessons here. Piano and saxophone thus far and probably more in the future!”

Andy Gaines
Parent , Charleston IL

My daughter has been taking music lessons here for about a year and she absolutely loves it!

Kassie Edwards-Wilson
PARENT, Mattoon IL

Chris K has sparked a renewed interest in our kids for music. They are learning how to put their traditional learning into application with music that gives glory to God. Chris is fun and patient, and he can teach/coordinate a variety of instruments and vocals.

Brent Zabka
PARENT, Charleston IL

“Can’t say enough about Chris! He has helped greatly with both our sons on drumming and is extremely flexible with busy schedules!!”

Lissa Scocy
PARENT, Mattoon IL

Mr. Keniley is an amazing man of God. He was the one who helped me discover my passion for worshipping through music. Without him, I don’t think I would ever have the ability to lead worship at my church. He is a great teacher and mentor! He will work with you and at a pace that works best for you. I would highly recommend him to anyone!😊

Jackie Boyd

I took vocal and guitar lessons from Chris before leaving for school. I am currently a worship major and from the short time I was Chris’ student, I took what I’ve learned from him and applied it to what I do here at school on the daily. Without his passion, guidance, and wisdom for music, I would have come to school fully unprepared. He’s not just a teacher or coach, he’s also your friend and sees the best in his students and will help transform you into the musician he knows you can become. He sets a very good example and will push you towards greatness through the hours of practice you put in as well as gaining experience with performing on stage. I highly recommend Chris K Music. It’ll seriously be your next best investment.

Tyler Whetsell

Led by a great man of God. He strives to help students grow musically. Unlike many places, he provides them a mentor as well. He gives up much of his time to be the students’ friend as well as teacher. He became my friend when he was teaching me and remains my friend today.

MJ Brand

My kids took guitar lessons from Chris and really enjoyed the lessons. He would work with them at their own pace and I appreciated that very much. We also enjoyed his optional praise nights which gives students a chance to practice what they have learned in front of others. Thank you!!!

Ashley Privett Oliver

Chris K is great! My kids have been taking music lessons from him for the past few years. They learn a lot and have fun. He’s also tuned our piano. Service was great and the price was reasonable. We recommend Chris K. He is friendly, knowledgeable and professional.

Kelly Hardy
PARENT, Charleston IL

We highly recommend Chris K Music! For both instrument repair and music lessons, we’ve had nothing but good experiences. My daughter has been taking lessons for six months, and it’s been wonderful to watch her skill level and confidence continue to grow.

Breanne Reinhard