Video Music Lessons

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Video Music Lesson Program

Benefits of Video Music Lessons:

· Receive advice, critiques and guidance similar to in-person music lessons. All instruments welcome to participate.

· Conveniently record and upload exercises, assignments, performances and questions from a laptop or phone. 

· Learn valuable skills to take your playing to the next level.

· Ideal for students with busy/active lifestyles or interested in additional guidance in music.

· Record and practice at your own pace.

· Prices as low as $20.00 a month depending on level of participation.                         

How does this Work?

· Send/Upload a video of a performance, exercise, assignment or question through a dedicated video link (Youtube or google drive for example)

· A video will be sent back offering guidance, critiques and/or advice to help overcome musical obstacles and improve your overall playing skills.

For more information on how video music lessons work, try a lesson out (1 lesson for free!) or to inquire about pricing for different levels of participation.

Prices for Video Lessons

$20.00 a month for 4 videos, (about once a week for 4 weeks)

$40.00 a month for 8 videos, (about twice a week for 4 weeks)

$60.00 a month for 12 videos a month (about three a week for 4 weeks)

$80.00 a month for unlimited videos