Homeschool Wood Wind and Brass Ensemble/Class 2021-2022

Music Lessons and Repairs


Classes will be held on Friday’s 12:30 – 1:30 @ Broadway Christian Church in Mattoon, IL (map coming soon).

****Classes OFFICIALLY BEGIN OCTOBER 8th (date changed to accommodate instrument and accessory purchases )

Ages 8 (or mature 7) to 18. All ability levels (beginner to experienced) encouraged to participate. Beginner players will work on basics including technical skills on their instrument and music reading. More advanced players will help with beginners and also lead the group with more difficult music.

Instruments are required to participate. Students will also need to purchase music stands.

Please contact Chris Keniley at 217-232-3786 or email for more more information or questions.

Classes will run OCTOBER 8th 2021 to MAY 2022. We will break for summer and continue with a advanced ensemble for current musicians and a new beginner class in September 2022.

CLASSES ARE FREE! Donations are appreciated 🙂

Broadway Christian Church – follow arrows! This will lead you directly to where we are meeting for class.


Music Stands – You can find these at any store or online.

Wood Wind or Brass Instrument

Water Bottle or Container (there are of course water fountains at the church)

Folder or Binder (will get at first practice)


Young musicians are also welcome to use Ipads/Tablets instead of music folders (need to put music on tablet).

(masks are optional)

Reeds (Rico 2 or 2.5 for Clarinet and Alto Sax)


Trumpet – includes cleaning brushes, valve oil (a must) and more.

Trombone – includes cleaning brushes, valve oil (a must) and more.

French Horn – Valve Oil, Cleaning Snake, Mouthpiece Brush, Polishing Cloth, Mouthpiece Cleaner

Baritone – Valve Oil, Cleaning Snake, Mouthpiece Brush, Polishing Cloth, Mouthpiece Cleaner, Anti-Tarnish Packets

Flute –  Cleaning Swab, (2) Polishing Cloths, Key Oil, Cork Grease, Key Polish, Head Cork, Anti-Tarnish Packets

Clarinet – Clarinet Care Kit, Bore Oil, Key Oil, Polishing Cloth, Cork Grease, Cotton Swab, Fits Bb Clarinets

Saxophone – Cleaning Swab, mouthpiece brush, polishing cloth, cork grease, tone hole cleaner

PAD SAVERS are also available for wood wind instruments. Highly Recommended

INSTRUMENT STANDS are also available for all instruments.


For younger players please choose from these brands

TrumpetCool Wind, PTrumpet, Allora. There are also metallic version of the Cool Wind and PTrumpet (search for metallic instead)

Trombone – – Cool Wind, PBone, Allora, PBone Mini (for smaller players, 1/2 size trombone)

BaritoneCool Wind

French HornCool Wind

FluteNuvo Student, Nuvo Junior (smaller),


SaxophoneNuvo Jsax,

Venova (hybrid wood wind)Venova Casual

Regular Wood Wind and Brass Instruments

I have an assortment of custom/used and refurbished clarinets, flutes, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and sometimes french horns and baritiones. Brass Instruments range from $300 – $400 (or more if in really good shape) and Wood Winds can range from $200 – $300 (or more if its more high end, higher quality). Instrument cleaning, restoration and repair also available for all instruments. Payment plans can be worked out to help off-set costs. Some of my instruments are customized (with my own special pads, or parts of other instruments).

There are different music stores in Central Illinois including Music Shoppe. You are more than welcome to purchase or rent instruments from any retail store or online. Please be careful of cheap instruments from Amazon, Sams, Walmart etc. If your not sure let me know and I can guide you with your purchase.

Why do I NOT want to purchase a cheap instrument?

Quality, Tuning and Repairs. The quality lacks making it harder to keep a good tone. Most cheap instruments will “sound cheap” and will not keep tune no matter how well the instrument is played. Cheap instruments are also made with cheaper parts/metal so its easier to break, even without dropping it. These instruments can’t be soldered, adjusted, or serviced. I can handle some repairs but most of these instruments will not be accepted by repair shops (they usually have a list). Etude and Mendini are a few cheap brands that are the high end of the lows and can be serviced or modified (I usually modify these) so it’s playable.

Brands to Stay Way From – Anything Warlmart, Target, Sams, or sells groceries. Lauren, Vedette, Silvertone, Simba (can be modified) , Standell, Pan, American, Revere, Amati, Olds (newer not older), LaFayette, Jupiter (handle with care, soft metal), Winston (can be modified), Grand, Roy, Benson, First Act (worst!).

EXTRA Things to help practice

1.) Metronome (handheld or app)

2.) Tuner (chromatic handheld or app)

3.) Apps (apple) – Play Along (clarinet, trumpet, horn etc.) Band Mate Chromatic Tuner (apple)

4.) more coming soon!