Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about my music lesson program here at Chris K Music.  

Teaching Experience:   Extensive,  with over 25 years experience.  This includes gigging, recording, music ministry, drum corps, cruise ships, music  judging, countless performances,  school clinics and the list goes on.  Chris K Music Lessons and Repair Studio became an official business in 2009,  adding instrument repair and other services throughout the years.  I perform and teach on most instruments.  I am also the founder and director for Legacy Performing Arts of Central Illinois and the Central Illinois Home School Winds and Brass Class/Ensemble.

Do I teach beginner musicians?:  YES, beginners are welcome and preferred.  This is ideal to learn my method of teaching (customized for each musician) and start with good habits.   Experienced players don’t worry!  You will catch on to my method quickly. Music lessons are customized to achieve your goals as a beginner or experienced musician.

What age do I start:  A mature 6, but age can vary.  Many younger musicians (ages 6 – 10) like to play or experience multiple instruments including piano, drums and ukulele.

Studio Size:  I teach an average of 80 students a week on various instruments.  My  Music Lesson studio is my top priority and  main focus here at Chris K Music.   My teaching spots are limited, but I do try to find a spot for anyone interested.  Depending on the season you can always join my waiting list.  

Do I accept online (remote) students:   Yes, I would say about 25% of my students are online (remote),  and about half of those students are outside the Mattoon area or out of state!  Students travel as far as 60 miles for lessons with me.

Most popular instruments:  Most of my students learn piano, drums or guitar,  but I do have a variety wood winds, brass,  and strings from the list below.  Many of my students become multi-instrumentalists like myself and take on many instruments!

Check out the Chris K Music 2020 Student Virtual Ensemble ” A Christmas Medley.”

How do I stand out as an instructor/educator?  Many ways!   First, I DON’T USE BOOKS!  I create my own music arrangements, or find arrangements or exercises that works for each individual student.  Most students also receive a Music Lesson Reminder Page outlining what we talked about in lessons and assignments.  Another on of my goals is to train “functional musicians” using a goal oriented approach,  teaching what is needed to obtain each students desired goal.  There are more reasons,  but you need sign up for lessons to find out. 

Music Example – Jingle Bells With Chords

Music Lesson Reminder Example

How would you describe your teaching style:  It is different for every one.  I’m usually patient and laid back,  but I can be strict and know when to push a student when needed.   I have 3 kids of my own so I have a lot of patience!  Many students that have studied with me now have  successful or fulfilling music careers including band directing,  worship leading,  recording, touring and more.   Check out testimonials to see what families say about my music lesson program.

What to expect on a first lesson:  First I get to know you,  understanding why you picked the instrument, maybe examining the instrument  (usually tuning it if its a string instrument,  air leaks for wood winds etc.).  Then we get right to work!  For most it’s starting with exercises to build strength or  talking about what to expect.   For more seasoned players we go over goals and come up with a plan based on personal musical experience.  Most students leave knowing a short song or two.

Instruments currently offered:   The best thing about what I do,  you don’t have to switch teachers if you or a family member wants to change instruments (or for most of my students add on an instrument!)

Click here to explore my list of instruments taught at Chris K Music!

Current Music Lesson Prices: Prices can vary depending on availability, season and number of family members interested in music lessons (I do work with families with MANY kids). Video lessons also very depending on commitment. Please fill out this form to find out more about current music lesson rates/prices.